October in Massachusetts: Archaeology is in the Air

October in Massachusetts: Archaeology is in the Air

There is a lot going on in MA archaeology education this October!

I would like to invite everyone to check out all of the events that are happening across the state in celebration of Massachusetts Archaeology Month.

I would also like to highlight that Saturday, October 19 is International Archaeology Day.  We have 14 towns who are hosting events on this day, and I hope you all will be able to attend one of the amazing events.  MAECON will be participating in the Archaeology Fair hosted on Oct 18 & 19 at the Museum of Science, Boston along with dozens of other local archaeological institutions.  It is a great event for families, individuals, students, and anyone looking to  be inspired by the breadth of our discipline!

Finally, throughout the fall the MAECON team is working on a targeted group of projects that were chosen based on the results of our recent education workshop.  We will be working with the National Park Service on teacher education workshops, making short educational videos and posting them here on our website, creating an “Ask an Archaeologist” feature on our website, outlining ways archaeology aligns with the Common Core standards for teachers, and much more!  Looking forward to updating you all as we roll out these new programs!

Sincerely,  Jen @ MAECON

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