MAECON’s Mission: Results of our first workshop

MAECON’s Mission: Results of our first workshop

On August 16th, 2013, we hosted our first workshop at the Museum of Science.  Feedback from the 33 attendees confirmed our feelings that the workshop was a success resulting in not only a clearer directive of where people want MAECON to go as an entity, and also clear and concise recommendations for how archaeologists and teachers can work together.


Below are links to the presentations given by our distinguished speakers as well as their emails

Florida Public Arcaheology Network Sarah Miller, Florida Public Archaeology Network

Project Archaeology: Discover the Past – Shape the Futrue  Sheila Charles and Tanya Krajcik, Project Archaeology

Cross-mending the Curriculum: Integrating Archaeology into Already Existing Curriculums  – Lindsay Randall, Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology

Think Like an Archaeologist – Geralyn Ducady, Haffenreffer Museum; Mariani Lefas-Tetenes, RISD Museum of Art; Sarah Shape,
Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World  

Developing Sustainable Outreach Programs Mike Adams, Museum of Science 

Overview of Program Evaluation – Liz Kollmann, Museum of Science


Regarding MAECON, the workshop recommended that we become the lead in several educational initiatives including:

•  Participation in teacher conferences and events where our services and ideas can directly access teachers

•  Provide a clearing house for resources for archaeologists and educators contact information and links to relevant sources and leaders in the field.

•  Develop and promote programs that allow the earning of professional learning credits for teachers interested in incorporating archaeology in the classroom

•  Promote and pursue commemorative events, such as Plymouth 2020 and a State Artifact program, where archaeology, public attention, and learning opportunities are abundant

•  Create collaborations with and promotion through local historical societies, science festivals, historic tourism entities (freedom trail foundation, etc.), home school groups, historic sites, museums, and scouting groups.


As part of our group breakout session, we concluded with numerous and innovative ways in which teachers and archaeologists can best serve educational needs.  The list, below, will become a series of links as we complete individual posts here on the MAECON website addressing these results:

•  Archaeology as a means to support the goals of STEM

•  Archaeology and the Common Core Curriculum

•  Archaeology outside the box: Innovative approaches to incorporating archaeology into existing science, history, math, language, music, and arts curriculum

•  Archaeological artifacts as primary resources

•  Archaeology and critical thinking skills, social and emotional development, and storytelling

•  How and when archaeologist should approach teachers for collaboration

•  How and when teachers should approach archaeologists

•  Archaeology on the road: Ideas and tips for traveling archaeological

•  Archaeological education in private, Montessori, magnet, charter, and home schools.


We will continue to update this website and our facebook page with developments on the topics above.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the workshop, and we hope even more people can participate in our next event.

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  1. Sarah Miller says:

    So great to meet everyone and take part in MAECON! Good luck Nor’easters and let me know if we can be any help from afar. I look forward to the future links. Cheers, Sarah

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