MAECON participates in Boston’s ParkSCIENCE event

MAECON participates in Boston’s ParkSCIENCE event

On Thursday February 20th, MAECON had the amazing opportunity to participate in ParkSCIENCE.  This event was sponsored by the City of Boston and included other science educators like the Franklin Park Zoo, Boston Children’s Hospital, Science on the Street, and L.LBeanDiscoverySchool.  We were even fortunate enough to have local news coverage and a visit from new Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh!


 To see the videos from FOX 25’s coverage of the event, please follow these links:

ParkSCIENCE Event Video One

ParkSCIENCE Event Video Two

Lindsay and Jen brought examples of prehistoric pottery, stone tools, and real animal furs for people to learn about and touch in person.  They also asked children and parents alike to play the game “Pseudomorphs.”  Objects are grouped in pairs and the player is asked to think like an archaeologist and identify what they see.  One of the objects in each pair is a real artifact, a Native American tool used in the past, and the other object is a rock that has been shaped by natural processes.  Some of the students who played are game were born to be archaeologists – guessing more correct answers than their parents!


ParkSCIENCE brought a crowd of about 500, and we’re excited to continue to build relationships with the people that we met there.


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