We Want You!

We Want You!

Want to get involved with archaeology education in Massachusetts?  Volunteer with us at MAECON!  There are lots of opportunities to get involved in different facets of what we do.  Some of them are short term projects, while others can lead to longer assignments.

Here is just a sample of the type of work we would love help with:


  •  Help with social media including Facebook, our blog, Twitter, etc.
  • Help with our website
  • Write text for pamphlets, booklets, and brochures
  • Copy edit
  • Write, film, or edit videos
  • Help to design and write activity plans for educators
  • Format and improve layouts for printed materials (using software such as Microsoft Publisher)
  • Help us compile an active list of archaeology events going on across the state to keep our calendar up to date
  • Help us plan and organize participation in fairs and conferences (we need help with both administrative planning aspects, and content development)
  • So much more!

Occasionally we will have opportunities where we could use volunteers to help interact with students, educators, or the public.  We will post these types of opportunities separately as they arise.

Right now the volunteer help we need most is “work from home” style, with communication online.

If you have time, energy, and expertise, please comment below or email us at indicating how you are able to participate.  We’ll get back to you with your mission!

Thank you in advance!



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