MAECON and “A Park for Every Classroom”

MAECON and “A Park for Every Classroom”

During the week of August 4, Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site and Essex National Heritage Area coordinated “A Park for Every Classroom”  This week long professional development program was designed for K-12 educators from all disciplines and focused on placed based learning.  The education team at Saugus Iron Works and Essex National Heritage Area brought together exemplar teachers from surrounding communities and organizations.

MAECON was thrilled to be asked to participate throughout the week.  Once again, MAECON presented the lesson AlterNATIVE Uses and taught teachers not only how to read objects as text but how simple objects could connect back to not only the larger historical stories, but to their own communities as well.  MAECON also led a break out session on integrating archaeology into existing curriculums and using the local history of an area to do so.

“A Park for Every Classroom” also offered participants Professional Development Points (PDPs), which are necessary for teacher re-certification in Massachusetts, as well as an option to gain Graduate Credit from Salem State University. These PDPs and credits are offered because it is expected that they will integrate what they have done throughout the workshop directly into lessons that they currently teach.

This model of offering meaningful learning and time for curriculum development is one that MAECON has been thinking about for some time. In the coming year, we plan to explore options for how our organization can also offer accredited teacher workshops.



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